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Our team has rich front-line experience in supporting the curriculum development, staff development and parent education of Hong Kong kindergartens, nursery and primary schools.

Christman Special

Curriculum Development

We offer face-to-face consultancy services for kindergartens/nursery schools to review and enrich their English and Chinese (Mandarin) language curriculum, and to support kindergarten to primary transitions.

We also provide English/Mandarin learning and teaching materials reviewing services, which includes editing and proofreading of the content.

Support for Teachers

We offer onsite professional development workshops, class observations and feedbacks for teachers on both English and Mandarin language teaching. The teacher support services can be conducted as one-off or in a series to suit the schoolˇ¦s need.

Popular topics on English/Mandarin learning and teaching include:
1) Stories
2) Songs, rhymes and simple poems
3) Performing arts
4) Phonics/Pinyin

Support for Parents

We offer onsite seminar/workshop for parents on supporting young children in English and Mandarin learning.
The seminar/workshop can be conducted for one school or joint schools; can be both one-off or in a series.

Popular topics on parent education include:
1) Choosing and sharing stories with children
2) The use of phonics attack skills to enhance reading and spelling
3) Using stories to enhance proficiency in Mandarin

Applying for School Support Services

1) Complete the online enquiry form or download the form and fax/email to us.
2) Our staff will contact you to clarify your requirements.
3) An initial quotation will be sent to you.
4) Once the quotation is accepted, we will contact you to propose the workshop

If you do not have a suitable venue for training, we may help to look for a training room for you to hold the event.
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