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"The food we eat makes our bodies.
The stories we hear and tell make our minds." - Andrew Wright

Our Vision

Young children are up to 22 times more likely to remember a story than a set of disconnected facts.

A sizable body of research has mentioned that storytelling enhances retention of information. Six or more neural pathways are excited and activated when your child is listening to a memorable story, so a story can put your childˇ¦s whole brain to work. Unlike you, as an adult, your child is less likely to respond to abstract explicit instruction and rules such as grammar and form. Your child tends to learn through pleasurable experience and meaning-focused activities.

Story Clan puts strong emphasis on using stories for we truly believe that storytelling is stimulating, meaningful, and provides the best context for your child to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. At our centre, your child can take a break from the digital devices, feel the energy and excitement of live improvisation, and learn to appreciate storytelling - a major form of human communication that stretches back to the earliest times.

Our Professional Team

MEd, MA (TESL), PGDE (Early Childhood Education), Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Registered Teacher (KG, PS, SS), Registered Supervisor (KG), Former Inspector Grade Officer (EDB), Teacher Professional Development Consultant (HKIED), Curriculum Development Leader (PS) & English Panel (PS)

We have been in the field for over 15 years, helping children to learn and grow holistically. We have witnessed how children lost interest in learning when they were not presented with the most effective and stimulating environment and methods. With our expertise in curriculum design, teacher training, parent education, together with rich frontline and administrative experience, superb qualifications, and passion in education, we promise to provide your child with the best high-quality education program in town because we know your child and we know how to do it right!
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