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          OUR POLICIES
Class Rules
  • Children age 2 years or below must be accompanied by one parent/care-giver during lessons. Only one parent /care-giver can accompany a child into the classroom.

  • In the interest of hygiene, anyone entering the classroom must take off their shoes and wear clean socks.

  • Please switch off all mobile devices or have them switched to silent mode.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed into the classroom.

  • No photos, videos or other kind of recordings may be taken within our premises without the written permission of Story Clan.
  • Class fees are paid on a monthly basis. In order to secure your lesson time each month, fees for the next month will be due on the last lesson of the month.

  • Paid fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
Absence and Make-up classes
  • After payment, you must inform us 3 days in advance to reschedule a class and a HK$50 administrative fee shall apply.

  • A child who is sick is advised to stay home to rest. You must inform us of your child's absence before the commencement of class and a make-up lesson will be given for free with the presentation of a doctor's note.

  • For any case of rescheduling, the make-up lesson must be taken within one month and is subject to availability. Depending on the schedule, the make-up lesson may be a repeat of a lesson the child has attended.

  • If a teacher is absent and no substitute teacher is available, the lesson will be rescheduled and the parents will be notified at least 2 hours before the start of the lesson. We cannot guarantee the rescheduled class will be on the same day of week or timeslot so you may need to rearrange your childˇ¦s activities to accommodate.
Special Weather Arrangement
  • Our centre will be operating as usual when Red Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 3 is issued. It is at the discretion of the parents/care-givers as to whether it is deemed safe for the child to travel to and from the centre.

  • Our centre will be closed when Black Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 8 and above is issued. All lessons scheduled to start 2 hours after the warnings are lowered or removed will continue to resume.

  • Lessons that are disrupted or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions will not be refunded or rescheduled.
  • All materials used in class or given as homework may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without the written consent of Story Clan.

  • Approaching the staff of Story Clan for lessons outside of our centre is strictly prohibited.
Photos, Videos and Other Recordings
  • Story Clan reserves the right to take photos, videos or other kinds of recordings of children and parents/care-givers within our premises for training or promotional purposes, unless otherwise informed by you in writing.

  • Our centre is monitored via IP Camera for safety.
  • All participants enrolled in activities at Story Clan Education Centre do so at their own risk and the centre is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to students or their guests as a result of participating in these activities.

  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice from Story Clan Education Centre.
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