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          KIDDIE CLAN 1+
LEARN and GROW with your child!

Highlights: ✓  Building a parent-child bond ✓  Nurturing creativity
  ✓  Growing a healthy body ✓  Building brain power
  ✓  Communicating with others ✓  Meeting new friends

Kiddie Clan 1+ is a stimulating and age-appropriate programme designed for children aged 1 to 2.5. Toddlers learn and grow every day and we believe that parental involvement is crucial to educating the whole-child. Each month we focus on a theme, and each class is filled with fun activities that excite and help your toddler to develop. Parents will gain hands-on experience in how to interact and support your child in fun and effective ways.

Here's an example of our activities:

75 min Theme: All About Animals Focus
10 min   Meet and greet.   Establish a routine
25 min   Quiet Fun.
  Learn about butterflies through
  a story or song.
  Develop concentration & build
25 min   Active Fun.
  Be a fluttering butterfly to fly
  low and high.
  Develop motor skills & creativity
15 min   Wrap up.   Provide quick tips for parents


From home to school.
Turn your terrible two into terrific two!

Highlights: ✓  Self-help skills ✓  Interest to learn
  ✓  Sensory development ✓  Basic concepts & knowledge
  ✓  Communication skills ✓  Social skills

Kiddie Clan 2+ is a unique, story-based learning programme designed for children aged 2 to 3. We structure our programme around the developmental characteristics of your child to ensure holistic growth. We encourage certain skills to be introduced in the childˇ¦s first language; but at the same time, enriching the childˇ¦s language and literacy experiences in the second language. Activities are creatively crafted and embedded in the story context; this way, learning becomes fun and meaningful.

Here's an example of our activities:

90 min Story: The Big Turnip (Activity 1) Focus
10 min   Settle-in Time
  Meet and greet the teacher and friends.
  Sing a greeting song.
  Establish a routine
10 min   Story Tree Time
  Go over the timetable of the day.
  Visit the Story Tree and uncover the story of the
  Establish a routine
15 min   Story Time
  Participate in the interactive story!
  Language & Creativity
20 min   Gross-motor Time
  Activity 1: Let's pull the big turnip together!
  Activity 2: Throw that big turnip into the basket!
  Remember to take turns and work with your
  Physical & Cooperation
25 min   Group Activities
  Group 1: Make a big turnip with crepe paper.
  Group 2: Cut toy turnips using a toy knife.
  Aesthetic & Motor skills
10 min   Home Time
  Pack and get ready to go home.

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