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Experience the Kamishibai Classroom!

Highlights: ✓  Master 49 sounds + blends ✓  Develop letter-sound
  ✓  Develop reading success by
     learning 100 High Frequency
✓  Learn how to sound out
     unfamiliar words using
     phonics skills
  ✓  Engage in shared reading and
✓  To apply phonics skills in

Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye) or ˇ§paper-theatre,ˇ¨ is a form of visual and participatory storytelling originated in Japan. This form of storytelling is used to expose your child to phonics in the E-Clan Programme. The 49 sounds + blends are embedded in interesting stories. The stories are carefully and systematically designed for Hong Kong children and to help your child master the sounds and blends naturally, and apply the learned skills in reading. Through the process, your child can also learn high frequency words, vocabulary, phrases and sentences related to the sounds.

Here's an example of our activities:

75 min Story: Ants Are Everywhere!
10 min   Listen for the Hiyoshigi (clappers) and gather around the
  Kamishibai Theatre.
30 min   Enjoy the Kamishibai Story 'Ants Are Everywhere!'
  Learn the sound, vocabulary, phrases and sentences.
30 min   Engage in a fun activity (e.g., song, game, art and craft)
  to reinforce the sound just learned.
5 min   Tidy up and get ready to go home.

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